Appearance, performance, integration and sustainability combine to make tomorrow's cars more than just the sum of their parts.

Driving tomorrow

In vehicles, Borealis' leading-edge polyolefin plastic materials are used in a wide range of exterior, interior, and under-the-bonnet applications. These include bumpers, body panels, trims, dashboards, door claddings, climate control and cooling systems, air intake manifolds and battery cases.

Proprietary Borealis technologies offer ideal replacement solutions for conventional materials like metal, rubber and engineering polymers. Borealis material solutions help facilitate lightweight construction and thus play an important role in enhancing energy efficiency. Over the lifespan of an automotive application like a bumper, for instance, eight kilogrammes of carbon emissions can be avoided by the use of one kilogramme (kg) of polypropylene (PP).

Borcycle™ grades with post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics content meet growing industry and end-user demand for high quality materials that make better use of natural resources. Combining PCR and virgin material to produce high-end grades of consistent quality translates into less resource waste.