Phenol & Acetone

Borealis is one of the leading producers of phenol

Phenol, benzene and cumene as well as acetone are produced in Finland and are sold mainly to the adhesive, fibre, epoxy resin and polycarbonate industries in Northern Europe. In the Nordic and Baltic regions, Borealis is the leading producer of phenol, which is used in adhesives, construction materials, carpets, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones and household appliances. Acetone is commonly used in solvents for paints, acrylics, fibres and pharmaceuticals. Benzene and cumene are feedstocks for other chemical processes.

Reliable supply of essential base chemicals – right when you need them

With over 30 years of experience in the phenol and acetone business, we use our proprietary technologies to produce phenol and acetone at our highly-integrated petrochemical complex in Porvoo, Finland. It is in fact the only fully-integrated aromatics production unit in Europe. Expanded in 2007, the unit has a nameplate capacity of 185,000 tonnes of phenol and 115,000 tonnes of acetone. Its geographic location makes it ideal for delivering product to and from Russia as well as the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Logistics play a key role when it comes to phenol and acetone, as storage and transportation pose challenges along the entire supply chain. To ensure consistent quality, Borealis uses highly sophisticated chemical tankers to export products from Finland directly to customer storage tanks or to intermediate, ISO-certified tanks for onward transportation. For truck and railcar deliveries, we use specialised tanks to deliver products from storage tanks to our customers' locations.

Use our base chemicals and logistics expertise to your advantage

Partnering with the oil and gas industry, Borealis is a major feedstock buyer and in fact the leading phenol producer in the Nordic and Baltic regions. We offer supply reliability thanks to our optimised production capacities, feedstock availability and overall operational excellence. As an international company with over 30 years experience in the industry, we can react quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions around the world. Our well developed logistics supply chain enables us to deliver the molecules you need, right at the moment you need them.

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