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Life demands progress. We are re-inventing for more sustainable living

Borealis’ corporate strategy 2035 builds on the company’s core values and capabilities in order to achieve sustainable growth moving forward.

The essential dimensions of the strategy include the transformation to a circular economy and the creation of an even more customer-centric organisation that adds value on a global scale. The successful implementation of the strategy as of 2020 will strengthen Borealis’ leading position in the industry.

Geographical expansion

We leverage our core to become a fully global partner to customers for high-value material solutions.

  • North America - We expand through M&A or selected build projects to strengthen our global footprint.
  • Middle East & Asia - We build on the ADNOC partnership to capture further growth with assets in Abu Dhabi and Asia.


We transition to a fully customer-centric approach to offer sustainable, high-value, and circular material solutions.

  • Circular Economy: We lead the transformation to a truly circular economy across all applications.
  • Value Add: We acquire adjacencies to complement and accelerate value creation through innovation.

Leading from the core

We build on safety, values, and culture to sustain strong integrated margins in high-value polyolefin solutions.

  • Sustainability: We work towards improving our environmental footprint and sustainable use of resources in areas where we operate.
  • People: We drive impactful leadership in a high-performing, diverse, and mobile organisation and a purposeful workplace.
  • Excellence: We focus on excellence across all activities by leveraging technology and digitalisation to drive efficiencies.
We will remain committed to our fundamental purpose: life demands progress, and we are re-inventing for more sustainable living.

Mark tonkens - CFO