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Welcome to our future-positive revolution

Discover how Borealis are minimising the impact of plastic on the planet through circularity.

We stand behind plastic for all its unrivalled benefits: versatility, safety, and durability. But today’s make-use-dispose economy creates waste and an environmental burden. At Borealis, we believe in a new way for plastic.

A circular way. Maximising its value and efficiency across many lifetimes, minimising its impact on the planet. That’s the Future-Positive Revolution we are already shaping today. From linear to circular. From resource-hungry to renewable. From climate-negative to carbon-neutrality. As a partner, we can help bring sustainability and circular progress closer.

The circular cascade is our integrated circular way

This is how we decouple our own growth and the making of plastic from fossil-fuels. It’s about protecting and retaining precious carbon in the system, using complementary technologies and approaches in a circular fashion.


Design for eco-efficiency

We adopt a fundamental design mindset that starts with minimising use of resources and maximising their lifetime value.


We help maximise and extend the lifetime of products in circulation using our technical know-how and by establishing systems and business models for Reuse.

More about Reuse

Design for Recycling

We design products that can be reused as well as being collected, sorted and recycled, by making appropriate material and design choices.

More about design for recycling

Mechanical Recycling

Mechanical Recycling begins to close the loop, using our Borcycle M™ technology to turn waste back into near-virgin quality plastic, with the lowest carbon footprint.

More about mechanical recycling

Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling, to complement mechanical recycling. Further valorise residual wastes streams from our mechanical recycling operations, but also to valorize mixed plastic waste streams which would otherwise go to incineration, or even worse to landfills

More about chemical recycling
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Want to know more about our integrated circular cascade approach?

We aim to give plastic products multiple lifetimes in the most eco-efficient way possible, through a hierarchy of means.

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Our difference means we can make the difference

Innovation and collaboration are second nature to us. Our operational excellence, infrastructure, assets and innovation capabilities reach 120 countires, across 5 continents. Our customer sectors are broad, covering healthcare, automotive, energy, pipes and fittings and consumer products, so we can have a wider, deeper impact, through our circular economy solutions.

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Be part of the change with Everminds™

We created Everminds™ to help mobilise our business and value chain partners too. It’s a platform to accelerate action on circularity for plastic, to help inspire and create more impact for circular solutions. It’s an invitation to others to join us in our circular mindset and go forward together.

More about Everminds™

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