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Our priority is to deliver durable products that enable the sustainable and safe use of our limited natural resources while adhering to stringent standards to fully ensure the highest pipe quality on the market.

A growing world needs a reliable infrastructure

As world population growth continues unabated, environmental resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Durable, effective and sustainable plumbing and heating pipe systems have become more essential than ever. Our breakthrough polyolefin solutions continue to revolutionise the piping sector, offering unparalleled production efficiency, highest performance standards, easy installation, and peace of mind to end users.


Providing sustainable solutions in plumbing & heating

Our PE-X, PP-R and PP-RCT materials offer the most advanced pressure pipe material solutions currently available for applications such as domestic water piping, under-floor heating, radiator connections, wall cooling/heating installations, district heating and industrial pipe networks. Whilst meeting the most stringent international standards for performance and reliability in the above applications, Borealis PE-X, PP-R and PP-RCT solutions also provide for:

  • Safe contact with drinking water
  • Long service life (according to applicable standards)
  • Chemical resistance and no corrosion when exposed to iron particles
  • Ease of manufacture, including all components and fittings
  • Fast and simple installation

The individually unique properties of Borealis PE-X, PP-R and PP-RCT materials make them ideal complements as inner and outer corrosion-resistant layers in aluminium or other types of reinforced composite pipe constructions.

Borealis grades not only fulfil, but set global standards

Borealis' range of RA7050 materials offers a more than 50% improvement in long-term strength at 70°C/50 years when compared to standard PP-R compounds. The higher-performance pipe material class PP-RCT – which allows for the production of more efficient pipes that enable, for example, a higher hydraulic capacity or operating capacity – has been valued by the plastic piping industry for its superior performance for over ten years. Important benefits include:

  • Re-dimensioning pipes to SDR 7.4 versus SDR 6 for standard PP-R
  • Choice of higher hydraulic capacity or higher operating capacity
  • Higher percentage of system designed with smaller pipes
  • Greater cost and installation efficiencies

The superior qualities of this class have been officially confirmed thanks to its inclusion in the most recent publication of EN ISO 15874, the global standard for plastics piping systems for hot and cold water pipe installations, and will accelerate the adoption of this second-generation PP-R-material class along the entire pipe value chain.

Our PE-X family of solutions delivers the industry’s widest selection of high and medium density crosslinkable PE pipe materials, noted for:

  • Superior mechanical and thermal performance
  • Resistance to crack propagation
  • Impact resistance and long-term durability
  • Consistent quality and easy processing
  • Good crosslinking response

Because we enable converters to use their own preferred method of processing, Borealis PE-X grades are specially tailored for use in commercial crosslinking technologies peroxide (PE-Xa) and irradiation (PE-Xc).

Sustainable solutions for pipe infrastructure networks

Our ongoing aim is to provide cost-effective solutions to real challenges by working together with our partners. We are committed to offering tailored solutions to improve system quality, reliability and durability through product innovations. BorSafe continues to offer the leading high-performance PE materials when it comes to facilitating access to drinking water, improving transmission networks for gas, district heating and industrial fluids. BorECO is the material of choice for the production of solid wall and structured wall sewage pipe systems.

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