As a leading fertilizer company in Europe, Borealis is helping make farming more efficient in order to help feed more people and livestock.

Efficient and effective use of fertilizers has become more essential than ever

The world's population is expected to rise from today's 7.2 billion to over 9 billion by 2050, and an increasing number of people will live in densely-populated urban areas. As incomes in emerging nations rise, more meat is consumed and thus more grain to feed livestock must be produced. Bio-fuels are also generating demand for increased yields. Because there is limited space for agricultural expansion, yields must be optimised. At the same time, there is in developed nations a heightened environmental awareness of the need to promote fertilizers with low carbon footprints, to maintain healthy soil environments, and reduce run-off from fields.

Embedded in the Base Chemicals business area, fertilizers produced by Borealis are leaders on the European fertilizer market. Around five million tonnes of fertilizer are supplied annually in Western, Central and South East Europe via the Borealis L.A.T distribution network. Borealis generates enormous added value for the agricultural industry through its broad fertilizer portfolio, which includes N (nitrogen), NP (nitrogen-phosphorous) and NPK (nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium, often called "complete") fertilizers, and a range of other technical nitrogen products, from ammonia and ammonium nitrates to nitric acid and urea solutions.

Borealis sites are located at the heart of important grain-producing regions. The company operates fertilizer production plants in Austria, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. With around 60 warehouses across Europe and an inventory capacity of over 700,000 tonnes, the company is currently Europe's leading fertilizer wholesaler.


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