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Structural Parts

Borealis is always looking into new applications for its wide range of PP compounds that are globally available, cost and energy efficient and help contribute to enhanced sustainability.

Structural Parts

When it comes to Structural Parts at Borealis, we have two main goals: first, discovering and bringing to market novel, performance-enhancing material solutions for existing applications; and second, finding completely new areas of application for high performance polypropylene (PP) compounds.

The market is constantly searching for new and better materials to replace conventional ones such as engineered plastics, steel, aluminium and even wood. Replacement materials must meet or even surpass current performance and quality levels. But such materials must fulfil a variety of other criteria as well, for example enabling weight reduction and more design freedom, or easier processability. They should serve to reduce overall production process and system costs. Finally, they must contribute more directly to environmental sustainability by way of recyclability. And whilst the automotive and appliance industries have already embraced our innovative solutions, we recognise that the full potential is much broader, and extends to entirely new industries such as construction.

Innovative material solutions drive performance and enhanced sustainability

Borealis offers a wide range of PP compounds that are globally available, cost and energy efficient, and help contribute to enhanced sustainability. For example, our Fibremod™ product family of fibre-based compound PP innovations supports the value chain for the automotive, appliance and other industries in achieving weight-saving and process cost-saving targets. Our customised glass fibre reinforced PP solutions are at the cutting edge of innovation, bringing lighter weight, extra strength and impact performance to a wide range of applications. Our innovative grades also support more environmentally-considerate production by reducing processing temperatures and energy requirements when replacing alternative solutions such as polyamide (PA).

Global reach, local focus

Borealis and Borouge have decades of experience in innovation, and we invest continuously in our leading-edge production facilities in Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Thanks to our unique and proprietary Borstar® technology, we are able to offer a broad portfolio of innovative products and services which provide genuine added value for our customers. We work closely with them and all our value chain partners to develop tailor-made and localised solutions for the most sophisticated of applications.

Polymer Solutions

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