Thanks to our Borstar® technology and Borstar Nucleation Technology (BNT), we can develop material solutions that optimise processes, improve end-use performance and aesthetics.

Innovative and smart designs for appliances enable a high level of functionality and aesthetic appeal

Households in both developed and developing societies around the world increasingly rely on the convenience and time-saving role played by appliances. The demand for a large variety of high-quality household appliances is projected to increase in line with population growth, rising living standards and urbanisation. Trends in the white goods market – which encompasses items such as washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, AC units, fridges and freezers – include better water and energy efficiency and the use of sustainable alternative materials. Manufacturers seek cost-effective yet aesthetically appealing material solutions that help improve chemical resistance, withstand high water temperatures, reduce noise, and offer easier recyclability. In contrast, the more fragmented small appliances market is driven by innovation and cost competitiveness. Here, the emphasis lies on innovative and smart designs exhibiting a high level of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Bornewables™, sustainable products for the Appliances industry


Polypropylene is the preferred choice

Within the appliances industry, polypropylene (PP), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polystyrene (PS) are the three main competing polymers, with polyamide (PA) 6 and 66 and polycarbonate (PC) also contributing to the polymer mix. While every polymer family offers special properties, PP base resins and PP compounds are poised to take the lead over conventional materials such as ABS in future. PP offers a broad range of material grades for a variety of domestic appliance applications and offers tangible benefits:

  • High cost-performance ratio
  • Low density resulting in lightweight products
  • Higher productivity and energy savings
  • Lower carbon and water footprint
  • Excellent stiffness/impact balance
  • Detergent resistance up to 95°C
  • Good surface aesthetics
  • Sound damping behaviour
  • Low or no discolouration over time
  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Let our material solutions work for you

PP compounds have revolutionised many laundry care applications. Thanks to our unique Borstar® technology and Borstar Nucleation Technology (BNT), we can develop material solutions that increase design freedom, optimise processes, improve end-use performance and aesthetics. At the same time, our technologies help reduce energy and water consumption at a greater rate than conventional materials.

Leveraging our innovations for better appliances

By drawing on our over 40 years of experience, our own highly-qualified experts and our proprietary technologies, Borealis and Borouge continue to deliver material solutions for appliances which offer reduced cycle times, improved processability, energy and material savings, and an improved carbon footprint. We work closely with our partners along the entire appliance value chain to better understand current and future needs and to develop value-added solutions addressing these needs. We pledge to advance sustainable development by way of our commitment to Responsible Care® and health, safety and environment (HSE), and are dedicated to expanding our long-term partnerships with converters and OEMs throughout the world.

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