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Borealis L.A.T: a leading distributor of technical nitrogen products, and part of the Borealis Group

As a 100%-owned Borealis AG subsidiary and part of the international Borealis Group, Borealis L.A.T and its Technical Nitrogen Products business unit has a global market orientation. From its head office in Linz, Austria, it coordinates Borealis Group sales of technical nitrogen products to industrial customers around the world.

Several important factors have helped make Borealis L.A.T an industry leader:

  • Customer service and proximity. Borealis L.A.T is close to its customers because it not only understands customer needs, but also strives to fulfil them without compromise. The geographic proximity made possible by Borealis L.A.T’s broad distribution network allows for the shortest possible transportation distances. 
  • Flexibility. Borealis L.A.T can always find the right answer to nearly any customer question or need. Whether an urgent request or a challenging product solution, Borealis L.A.T acts quickly and flexibly on behalf of its customers.
  • Highest quality standards. Borealis L.A.T customers can count on products of the very highest quality. No compromises are ever made when it comes to the Technical Nitrogen Products portfolio – only the best are included.

The broad range of technical nitrogen product solutions is derived from the raw materials urea, ammonia, ammonium nitrate and nitric acid. 


AdBlue® is a high purity aqueous urea solution of 32.5% urea in accordance with ISO 22241 and the CEFIC AUS 32 Quality Assurance Guidance Document. Its application is as an NOx reduction agent for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology in order to ensure compliance with EURO IV, V and VI limits for diesel engines. Fields of application include trucks and buses with SCR technology, tractors, construction machinery, and diesel passenger cars.


A compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, ammonia has many and diverse uses: as a precursor or intermediate product in the production of nitrogenous materials; as a refrigerant in cooling systems; as an NOx reduction agent; and as a hardening agent for metal surfaces. Ammonia is available as a technically pure standard product and as a chemically pure specialised product. It is available in liquid form.

Ammonia Solution

Ammonia is also available as ammonia solution.

Ammonium Nitrate Pure

Borealis produces prilled ammonium nitrate in especially pure quality. This high-quality substance has many varied applications as an industrial raw material. It is especially suited for the production of laughing gas.

Ammonium Nitrate Solution

Ammonium nitrate is available as a liquid solution. With many varied uses as an industrial raw material, it is also used for the production of laughing gas. During delivery, the product has a temperature of more than 100°C and may crystallise out if temperature should drop. For this reason, this product is available only on local markets.

Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN)

Among other uses, Urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) is utilised as a hardening agent for resins.

Urea Technical

Urea is a synthetically produced organic compound of ammonia and carbon dioxide. Urea technical is utilised in the production of melamine and the glues used in particle boards. It is also used as a raw material for resins, and as an NOx reduction agent.

Urea Solution

Urea is available as a liquid solution. Urea solution is used in NOx reduction and as a nutrient component in organic waste water treatment plants.

Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid is a multifaceted industrial raw material. Among its diverse applications is its use as a cleansing agent.

Urea Feed Additives

As registered and approved additives in the European Union, urea feed additives can improve the protein supply of ruminants. Using urea feed additives allows microorganisms in the rumen to convert feed with high crude fibre content and protein into more easily digestible bacteria biomass. This leads to better protein supply for dairy cows, and thus higher milk yields.


Biuron® is registered and approved in the European Union as a feed additive that improves the protein supply of ruminants.

  • Nutritionally enhanced feed additive
  • 100% batch controlled
  • FAMI-QS certified


UREA SR is registered and approved in the European Union as a feed additive that improves the protein supply of ruminants.

  • Nutritionally enhanced feed additive
  • 100% batch controlled
  • FAMI-QS certified
Technical Nitrogen Products

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