Carrying versatile solutions

Building on our proprietarty technologies we provide an extensive portfolio of unique carrier resins for masterbatch and compound solutions

Enabeling innovation with versatile carrier resins for masterbatch and compound solutions

At Borealis, we bundle the combined force of our market know-how, long-term partnerships along the value chain, and broad product portfolio to support the development of innovative masterbatches and compounds. Carrier resins have a vital role to play when it comes to enabling design freedom, optimising manufacturing processes, improving end-use performance, and enhancing aesthetics.

This is why we are dedicated to helping our customers select the right material to fulfil specific end-user needs. Borealis masterbatch and compound solutions have enabled customer success in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, packaging, fibre, healthcare and automotive.

Highly versatile masterbatch and compound carrier resins

Thanks to our broad portfolio of masterbatch and compound carrier resins, we can offer a wide range of products that fulfil a variety of technical specifications: from narrow to broad molecular weight, from low- to high-flow, and flexibility in use of either universal or special carrier systems.

Our masterbatch and compound carrier resins

The high levels of pigment, additive, and filler loading made possible by excellent dispersion behaviour result in true compatibility for a wide range of applications. The versatility of our products has been employed/exploited to produce novel applications in consumer products, automotive, wire and cable, and other application areas in which a higher relative contribution of the carrier resin is required. Borealis customers benefit from the advantages offered by the unique and extensive Borealis polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) families:

  • Pelletized and powder (not stabilised)
  • Easy handling
  • No dust, easy conveying
  • High bulk density
  • Easy mixing with other pellets
  • Long pellet shelf life
  • High quality levels

Sample selection of PP carrier resin solutions

Product nameMFR
(230 °C/2.16 kg)
(g/10 min)
NIS @ 23 °C
point (°C)
PP homopolymers
BE500.316507165AO/AS/NBWMD, high HDT
HA507MO0.815006164AO/ASExcellent stress resistance and a good resistance to chemicals
HB600TF213003163AO/ASVery good processability and melt stability
HC001A-B1 2.713503.5162-Powder, no anti-oxidants
HC101BF3.213503.5161AO/ASExcellent optical properties
HC205TF417005163AO/AS/BNTNucleated polypropylene
HD905CF6.523003167AO/AS/BNTNucleated, high crystalline polypropylene homopolymer film resin
HD120MO815004162AO/ASGood mechanical properties
HD204CF815004162AO/AS/CRPolypropylene homopolymer film resin
HD601CF817003162AO/ASPolypropylene homopolymer film resin
HE125MO1215503.5167AO/ASSuitable for high-speed injection moulding
HE370FB 1215503160AO/ASEasy processability
HF420FB1915002161AO/ASControlled rheology, easy processability
HF136MO2015003163AO/AS/CRNMWD, low warpage
HF955MO2022002.5168AO/AS/BNTBNT nucleated, very stiff polypropylene homopolymer
HG565FB2315002164GF/AS/UVEasy processability, gas fading free formulation
BNT nucleated, very stiff polypropylene homopolymer
HG430MO2514003161AO/AS/SA/AA/NHomopolymer with superior impact resistance
HG475FB2713502165AG/ASEasy processability, anti-gasfading stabilisation
HH450FB3713502161AG/AS/CREasy processability, anti-gasfading stabilisation
HJ325MO5016502164AO/AS/AA/NNMWD, low warpage
HJ120UB7518001162AO/ASSpecial low viscosity polypropylene homopolymer
HK060AE12515501161AO/ASSpecial low viscosity polypropylene homopolymer for Glass Matt reinforced Thermoplastics
HL504FB45015501161AO/AS/CRControlled rheology, easy processability
HL708FB80015001158AO/AS/CR Controlled rheology, easy processability
HL712FB1,20014001158AO/AS/CR Controlled rheology, easy processability
PP heterophasic copolymers
BA202E0.3120050163AO/ASHMW, very high impact strength
BA204E0.8110035164AO/ASHMW, very high impact strength
BB213CF1.2110030166AO/AS/CRHigh toughness, excellent low temperature impact
BB125MO1.3130050 PB165AO/AS/AA/NExcellent stress-cracking and chemical resistances
BC245MO3.5135015165AO/AS/AA/NGood stiffness and impact strength ballance
PP heterophasic copolymers
BC250MO4120025 PB165AO/AS/AA/NVery good processability, high melt stability
BD212CF513007164AO/AS/CRExcellent low temperature impact, high seal strength
BD712CF713007164AO/ASEasy processability, excellent low temperature impact
BD310MO814009164AO/AS/AA/NGood impact strength, high stiffness, excellent antistatic properties
BE961MO12120013167AO/AS/AA/BNTHigh stiffness, high impact strength, low creep performance
BE170CF1312508164AO/ASGood processability, low taste & odour
BF970MO2015008166AO/AS/AA/BNT High stiffness, high impact strength
BH381MO3517006.5167OA/AS/AA/BNT High impact strength, very good flow behaviour
BH345MO4514006165AO/AS/AA/NExcellent antistatic properties, high impact strength
BH374MO4515006165OA/AS/AA/BNTSuperior flow behaviour, high impact strength, excellent antistatic properties
BH348MO50115010165AO/AS/AA/BNTHigh potential for cycle time reduction
BJ368MO7015005.5166OA/AS/AA/BNTVery good stiffness and impact balance, reduced cycle time and increased output
BJ998MO10014005165OA/AS/AA/BNTGood gloss, excellent antistatic properties
PP random copolymers
RA130E0.258006142AO/ASLow melt flow rate, natural in colour, random polypropylene
RB307MO1.590025147AO/AS/NGood transparency, high heat distortion temperature
RB707CF1.51000-145AO/AS/NHigh gloss, low haze, heat sterilisable
RB501BF1.9800-140AO/ASExcellent optical properties, good shrink performance
RD204CF89004150OA/AS/CR High gloss, low haze
RD208CF87507140OA/AS/CR High gloss, low haze
RD734MO811506148AO/AS/SAGood impact strength
RE420MO1311005149AO/AS/AA/NImproved gloss and excellent transparency, low blooming
RF365MO2011505.5150AO/AS/AA/NExcellent antistatic properties, good impact strength
PP specialities
SA233CF0.850058140AO/ASSuperior softness, outstanding mechanical properties
PP11213.5135015166AO/AS/NGood stress crack resistance, high melt stability, very low post extrusion shrinkage
TD310BF6--130AO/AS/SA/CRHigh seal strength and hot tack force, wide sealing window
SD233CF75007140AO/AS/CRVery high softness, excellent heat seal properties, high toughness
WG341C251050-161AO/AS/CRHigh grease resistance, high temperature resistance

BNT: Borstar Nucleation Technology
AO: Anti-Oxidant
AG: Anti-gasfading stabilisation

GF: Gas fading free formulation
AS: Acid Scavengers
SA: Slip and Anti-block Agent

AA: Antistatic Agent
CR: Controlled Rheology
N: Nucleated

The property values shown are based on a limited number of tests and, therefore, should not be construed as product specifications. Masterbatch carrier resins might also be suitable for compounding.

Sample selection of Queo™ POP/POE, EVA and PE carrier resin solutions

Product nameMFR (190 °C/2.16 kg) (g/10 min)MFR (190 °C/5 kg) (g/10 min)Density (kg/m³)Melting point (°C)

Tensile modulus (MPa)

FeaturesMaster Batch CarrierCompounding
Queo™ 6201LA-P1-862354Low Anti-Oxidant package / Talcum Dusted
Queo™ 6800LA0.5-868478Low Anti-Oxidant package
Queo™ 7001LA1-870569Low Anti-Oxidant package
Queo™ 7007LA6.6-870488Low Anti-Oxidant package
Queo™ 821010-8837521Contains AO
Queo™ 823030-8837625Low Anti-Oxidant package
Queo™ 021010-9029760Contains AO
Queo™ 023030-9029765Low Anti-Oxidant package
FA32000.25-925-210Autoclave LDPE
FT62302-923110180Tubular LDPE
Borlink™ LE71902-923--Grinded LDPE
CA72304.5-923110-Autoclave LDPE
CA82007.5-920107156Autoclave LDPE
CA915015-915104124Autoclave LDPE
OE5118I0.7-940874618 w% VA
OE5325I2-948792425 w% VA
OE5328I3-950731828 w% VA
BB25410.31.2954--Contains AO/AS
BB25810.31.2958--Contains AO/AS
HE33660.75-947--Contains AO
HE1878*3.3-956--Contains AO
CG84107.5-941129-HPDE Extrusion coating grade, contains AO
Borcoat™ HE346512-963--Contains AO/AS

*MFR at 190 °C/21.6 kg

AO: Anti-Oxidant
AS: Acid Scavengers

The property values shown are based on a limited number of tests and, therefore, should not be construed as product specifications.

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