Solar power is transforming the global electricity industry. With the same dedication to innovation that characterises all its fields of endeavour, Borealis is now poised to enter the solar industry.

Quentys™ - Empowering Solar

  • Borealis is developing and establishing the products that power the solar age
  • Making solar energy more effective and more affordable
  • Innovative materials increase the power, performance and reliability of photovoltaic panels

Recent technological advances in the industry are unleashing the full potential of solar power by making it affordable, and thus more widely available. Borealis is leading the way in developing these vital and potentially revolutionary technologies.

The Borealis solar brand Quentys™ represents a significant advance in the reliability and affordability of materials used in solar panels. But this is only the beginning. Borealis aims to become one of the leading polyolefin suppliers to the photovoltaic market.

Quentys™ – Empowering Solar
Quentys™ – Empowering Solar

New materials for the next generation of solar panels

Borealis' pioneering solutions are transforming what is possible with photovoltaic technology. Our Quentys encapsulant film is featuring superior resistance to ultraviolet rays, a low rate of water vapour transmission, and no acetic acid or potential induced degradation (PID), these step-change innovations considerably improve the reliability and durability of photovoltaic modules.

The performance of these new backsheets and encapsulant films has been verified by several institutes and a variety of module producers. The technology offers a proven solution to increase power output and reduce output decay, with minimal risk of electrochemical defects.

Cutting the costs of photovoltaic modules

As a new competitor in the photovoltaic industry, Quentys is introducing more cost-effective products to the market. For example, Borealis' innovative approach to the lamination process of the Quentys Encapsulant increases module reliability and cuts costs by removing the need for a chemical reaction. This avoids any waste from chemical damage and reaction failures, significantly reducing the time and expense of manufacturing.

There are substantial savings for the end user, too, because degradation of the modules is significantly reduced over the module’s life-time compared to traditional technology.

Discovering a brighter future for solar power

Over the last 45 years, Borealis has established its reputation as a global leader in the polyolefin industry and a leading innovator in the energy sector. Its series of step-change innovations enables the company to deliver superior products to the solar industry whilst simultaneously driving down costs for end consumers. This makes solar a more viable energy alternative than ever before.

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