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Thanks to our cutting-edge technological expertise and ongoing innovation, we remain at the forefront of healthcare trends.

Reliable solutions that add value to healthcare

To meet the challenging needs of the healthcare market, Borealis offers a dedicated grade range of Bormed™ polyolefins. With the Bormed range of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for rigid and flexible products, we ensure a consistent approach to the medical and healthcare market that is independent of conversion technology or polymer type. The broad Bormed grade range meets the technical requirements of a wide variety of end uses, including those for medical devices as well as pharmaceutical and diagnostic packaging.


Dedicated polyolefin solutions for Healthcare applications

The combination of versatility, cost competitiveness and easy shaping during conversion make PP and PE the materials of choice for medical devices such as syringes, catheters, needle hubs and protectors, inhalers, filter housings, blood collection systems, IV solutions, SVP, LVP, dialysis bags, microwell plates, microcentrifuge tubes, pipette tips. As medical devices evolve, new materials are required to meet ever more stringent demands such as high transparency, steam and radiation sterilisation, and the production of highly complicated moulds and shapes. Using the best possible materials is essential in order to secure the device and its contents, thereby safeguarding the health of the patient.

The Bormed™ Concept

The Borealis Bormed Concept ensures that the customer’s healthcare business is carried out in a reliable and meaningful way with respect to the needs of the industry. Going beyond pharmacopeia compliance documentation and technical service, the Bormed Concept gathers insights from value chain partners and incorporates these into all Bormed processes, from product conception to production, procurement, support and distribution. It is based upon on the principles of Service, Commitment and Conformance:

  • Service: because proactive and clear communication, global support and thorough market understanding form the foundation of successful cooperation in the healthcare industry.
  • Commitment: because choosing the right partner matters in terms of security of supply, both in the short and long term.
  • Conformance: because comprehensive change control and maintaining consistency of the variables used to make polyolefins for the healthcare markets is essential in the safeguarding of continued regulatory compliance with European, US Pharmacopeia and ISO standards.

Within Borealis there is a clear senior management commitment to Healthcare as a strategic segment, as evidenced by the growing, dedicated team of Healthcare specialists. We engage in a dialogue with our customers for all Healthcare applications with the exception of permanent implants. This practically means that higher risk applications (i.e. medical devices classes IIb and III) are still evaluated and therefore can benefit from the Bormed concept.

What does Bormed really mean?

The Bormed Concept delivers:

  • Consistency of formulation
  • Continuity of supply for at least two years
    • Shelf life letters of up to three years
  • Change control procedure
    • Bormed Directive: operating instructions for the development, production and delivery to the end customer of Bormed products
  • Pharmacopeia compliance
    • External testing of Ph. Eur., USP, ISO10993; DMF listing
    • Extractable profiles
    • Microbiology

Because we care: driving innovation in healthcare

Thanks to our cutting-edge technological expertise and ongoing innovation, we remain at the forefront of healthcare trends. Our constant innovation in products and services means that our global team can offer a dedicated and continually developing range of PE and PP grades. Direct and open dialogue with our partners and customers along the entire healthcare value chain enables us to further develop our Bormed offering and provide tailored healthcare solutions. We are the right partner thanks to our level of commitment, service and conformance offered by the Bormed Concept.

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