To ensure that 9 billion people live well within the limits of our planet, we have to secure sustainable growth.

Borealis believes businesses can only grow sustainably in a healthy environment and stable society

Borealis’ sustainability approach is based on three main drivers:

A question of responsibility

Responsibility is rooted in Borealis’ company values and has always underpinned how the company does business. Borealis recognises this responsibility to protect the health and safety of its employees and to offer them job security, to conduct business ethically, and to ensure production processes and products are safe. 

A business imperative

Business is ever more affected by increasingly complex social, environmental and economic challenges, including new and more stringent regulations and taxes, and political and economic instability. As a business, Borealis needs to sustainably manage limited resources such as feedstock and energy, as well as controlling its emissions and preventing pollution. Borealis believes that improving its sustainability performance will enable it to be more efficient, reduce costs, mitigate long-term business risks and protect its license to operate.

As signatory to the Responsible Care® Charter, the chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative, Borealis drives for continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance, together with open and transparent communication with key stakeholders.

An opportunity to grow

Borealis’ commitment to sustainability and to creating value for society is firmly anchored in its vision of Value Creation Through Innovation. The company’s products and solutions have a positive impact on society, by addressing challenges such as climate change, access to energy, water, food and healthcare. Borealis sees clear business opportunities in addressing emerging challenges, such as the need to reduce plastic waste and increase recycling rates, and innovation opportunities that ultimately will support the company's ambition to grow.

Combined Annual Report Borealis Group 2020 English, German