Borealis is a leading provider of polyolefin compounds for the global wire and cable industry.

Bringing energy all around

A broad range of sophisticated extra-high, high and medium voltage cable applications, semi-conductive products as well as low voltage energy transmission and distribution cable solutions are made possible by Borealis' proprietary technologies. Cutting-edge innovations based on Borlink™ developed for the wire and cable industry make power grids more robust and reliable, help eliminate wastage, and make it possible to transport energy from renewable sources more efficiently and over longer distances.

Borealis' unique polymer manufacturing technologies make the wires and cables used in the construction and automotive industries safer, and improve the efficiency of data and communication networks. Borealis is also a leading supplier of polypropylene (PP) material solutions for capacitor film products. Exhibiting exceptional cleanliness standards, these materials help achieve outstanding electrical properties, and their consistent processing behaviour enables the production of extremely thin films.